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Johnson Controls has sold more than 18 million AGM batteries; strength in stop-start market

Johnson Controls, Inc., has sold more than 18 million Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries since the technology launched in 2001, topping 4.5 million annually in Europe. AGM is an advanced lead-acid battery and is suited for Start-Stop systems, which help improve fuel economy in vehicles by 5 to 10%.

Start-Stop vehicle technology has taken off in Europe, with more than 70% of the new car build expected to include Start-Stop by 2017, and the global Start-Stop market for new vehicles reaching 35 million annually in that same timeframe. According to recent consumer research commissioned by Johnson Controls, 90% of Start-Stop vehicle owners in Europe say they are very satisfied and likely to purchase such a vehicle again.

In addition to producing AGM batteries for global automakers, Johnson Controls supplies the European Aftermarket through its VARTA brand. Offering three times the cycling durability of a conventional technology battery, and able to deliver an high energy throughput even in the most demanding conditions, the VARTA AGM battery outperforms all others offering a significantly increased service life.

Other Johnson Controls AGM battery technology characteristics include:

  • Glass mat separator consistently maintains the electrolyte around the positive plate to extend life;

  • Tight-fitting construction exerts uniform, high-pressure on the plates in the battery and reduces the effects of vibration; and

  • Sealed, valve-regulated battery delivers extreme cycle life and high energy throughput.


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