Nikkei reports announcement pending on Toyota providing BMW with hydrogen fuel cell technology; BMW prototype by 2015
Li-ion battery maker Leyden Energy raises $10M in Series C financing; targeting stop-start

Governments of Canada and Ontario investing almost $34M to support hybrid production at Toyota plant

The Ontario (Canada) government announced an investment of almost $16.9 million toward hybrid vehicle production at the Toyota plant in Cambridge, Ontario. The Government of Canada is also contributing $16.9 million to the project. The investment will allow the plant to produce the Lexus RX450h hybrid and will create 400 new jobs.

Ontario is providing the funding through its Strategic Jobs and Investment Fund.

Toyota will put $125 million toward the new assembly line. The project will lead to the first Lexus hybrid produced outside of Japan.

With this investment, Toyota’s Cambridge plant will produce an additional 26,000 Lexus vehicles, 15,000 of them hybrids.



Wrong car. Corolla or RAV4 HEV would have been much better choices with much large sale potential.

However, this may be the proper *very low sales) choice from a Federal Tar sands support point of view?


Strategic Jobs and Investment Fund

Some in the U.S. might call this "socialism", but 400 people have jobs doing something productive, supporting their families and paying taxes.

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