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Balqon introduces ZEVQON electric vehicle motor controllers for commercial truck and bus markets

Balqon Corporation, a developer of electric vehicles, drive systems and lithium battery storage devices, announced release of a complete line of next-generation electric vehicle motor controllers, named ZEVQON, designed for emerging zero emission commercial truck and bus markets.

240 kW ZEVQON electric vehicle motor controller. Click to enlarge.

ZEVQON EV controllers represent a complete line of AC inverters ranging in power from 20 kW to 240 kW, designed for use in electric vehicles ranging in size from a small utility vehicle to 30 ton on-road truck. The new line of electric motor controllers are smaller in size, featuring liquid cooling, regenerative braking and compliance to automotive J1939 Can Bus communication protocol.

ZEVQON product line uses latest IGBT transistor technology, providing high efficiency conversion of battery DC voltage to AC voltage. ZEVQON controllers range in input battery voltage from 150 Vdc to 700 Vdc and output voltage of 230 Vac or 480 Vac. ZEVQON controllers are designed for fixed or variable frequency applications ranging from 0 Hz to 400 Hz.

While Balqon is recognized as a leader in the heavy duty electric truck market, since 2008 we have been selling our proprietary flux vector technology motor controllers to a diverse group of OEM’s of buses, boats, monorails, motorcycles and mining equipment. ZEVQON line of motor controllers incorporates the latest in high power IGBT technology combined with improved diagnostic and configuration capabilities, which allows our customers to customize performance across a wide spectrum of applications ranging from push back airline tractors to 40 passenger transit buses.

—Balwinder Samra, CEO of Balqon Corporation


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