Study finds depletion of Antarctic ozone trumps GHG increase in shifting Southern Hemisphere jet-stream
Liox Power reports first operation of a Li-air battery with a straight-chain alkyl amide electrolyte solvent; new direction for Li-air research

DSE Hybrid selects Balqon Li-ion system For Island Pilot Hybrid Yacht

Balqon Corporation, a developer of electric vehicles, drive systems and lithium battery storage devices, announced delivery and installation of a Li-ion HIQAP 1000 Ah, 48-volt battery system into the Island Pilot Yacht powered by DSE Hybrid solar electric drive. The lithium iron phosphate HIQAP battery system is designed to be a direct replacement of lead acid batteries in transportation and energy storage applications.

The battery system delivered included batteries, Balqon proprietary battery management system, charger and CAN bus control systems to manage charge and discharge of batteries during daily operation. The system also includes relay control for solar charge controller and power inverter controls to safely charge and discharge lithium battery pack.

The DSE Hybrid yacht will be on display at Trawlerfest in Bahia Mar Marina in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from 31 Jan to 2 February.

DSE Hybrid is manufacturer and integrator of solar power electric drive systems in marine applications. Located in Key Largo, Florida, DSE Hybrid operates Island Pilot, a 12-meter hybrid yacht for green cruising tours.


Kit P

How silly is this?

If power boaters want to save energy there is something called sails/ It does require a little skill.


@Kit P, just nail up your 2x4's, bed sheets, and sew a electric receptacle in for watching Fox news.

Kit P

The 'degreed, experienced electrical engineer' has no experience in the power industry.

I have again offended the 'degreed, experienced electrical engineer' that has no experience in the power industry with the concept using solar panels to charge batteries on your toys is a really silly idea.

The thing I find interesting about those who are also offended by Fox news is that they are not offended by all the other 'entertainment' news programs.

I am an old guy with lots of experience. Walking or riding a bike for shot trips or just for fun is a good idea. I see lots of people doing it. I learned to sail in the navy and have own sailboats for 30 years.

I am very interested in the concept of using hybrid systems on a sailboat with a motor/generator. When a sailboat is under sail, the propeller can turn the saft and generate electricity to charge the batteries. On long ocean voyages, finding fuel can be a problem.

This is what I was hoping to see not some silly power boat with solar panels for propulsion.


"The 'degreed, experienced electrical engineer' has no experience in the power industry."

Your wrong again. I've done work for REA's and Texas power plants.

Since some of US learn from their mistakes -

"Nuclear Waste Issues Freeze Permits for U.S. Power Plants" -

- you won't get your nuclear power on your sailboat either.

Think solar power, not big overpriced radiated toys.

Kit P

“I've done work for ”

What kind of work? It seems that kelly does not know enough about producing energy to distinguish between trivial silly applications of solar and useful production of enregy.

“not big overpriced radiated toys ”

The 104 US nuke plants produce 20% of our power. Serious business, hardly a toy. Putting PV on a power boat is clearly a toy.

Part of being an engineer is know the correct application of technology to accomplish a goal.

“you won't get your nuclear power on your sailboat either ”

That would be a silly application of nuclear.

Nuclear is a very good way to large amounts of baseload power. It is also a very good way to power ships like submarines and aircraft carriers.

PV is a way to make small amounts of power at a very high price.


@Kit P, I and the links I've provided clearly explain more about electric power than you can comprehend(or provide links to counter).


This could further clarify your nuclear power career:
"Data from multiple scientists estimate the overall mortality from the Chernobyl catastrophe, for the period from April 1986 to the end of 2004, to be 985,000, similar to those of Gofman (1994a) and Bertell (2006) and a hundred times more than the WHO/IAEA estimate."

"The human and economic costs are enormous: In the first 25 years, the direct economic damage to Belarus, Ukraine and Russia has exceeded $500 billion. Belarus spends about 20 percent of its national annual budget to mitigate some of the consequences."..

The integral depth of industry corruption capable of doing the above could easily destroy $5,000 of any customers's electric belongings and subvert the subsequent arbitration process.

They could also subvert science:

They could also subvert the vote of the people:

They could even seem like you..

Kit P


It is simple question.

“What kind of work? ”

No links just tell me what you did. If you have experience, that should be easy to answer.

For example, The CNN article discusses what if the long-term waste storage facility isn't built. I worked on the Yucca Mountain project for several years. The answer is nothing will happen.

Spent fuel will just sit in in dry case storage longer.

Another issue in the CNN article. “sudden draining and possible meltdown ” is something I am working on this week. Many years ago we used inflatable seals. Now we use welded metal plates with expansion joints.

I am sure kelly know this but is just being dishonest. The commercial power industry in the US uses light water reactors with containment building. This design protects workers and people living around nuke plants from being hurt if the core is damaged.

I am a supporter of RPS and PTC to promote renewable. There are those like kelly who invest their energy is conspiracy theories and being against coal and nuclear rather than learning how to make wind and solar actual work.


The panels overhang the roof quite a bit. I wouldn't like to be in it on a windy day - it could get blown around a lot.
+ you cannot sit on the deck parts covered by panels.
I've nothing against a few panels, but they seem to be overdoing it.

Kit P

“I've nothing against a few panels, but they seem to be overdoing it. ”

The 6 kw system provides enough power to cruises at 5 knots. Of course you have to turn off the air conditioning, washer/dryer, and entertainment center.

For $600,000 I am not impressed. My old boat does that 'on a windy day'. Of course our 'entertainment center' is the Milkey Way and a bottle of red wine now that kids are grown. No more Candyland for us.

If you want fast for the same as the ugly solar beast try this:

Wind power!


@Kit P, I and the links I've provided clearly explain more about electric power than you can comprehend([including my experience] or you can provide links to counter)

You didn't comment or blink an eye at 985,000 Chernobyl nuclear dead people or $500 BILLION cleanup - because you and the nuke power industry actually KNOW it is true.

"I worked on the Yucca Mountain project for several years. The answer is nothing will happen." means no radioactive waste solution, so NO NEW US nuclear power plants.

In other words, ANY solar/renewable power system, even mine, has produced more NEW/additional US electric power than any nuclear power has since last summer.

Nor can US there be ANY new nuclear power for decades till radioactive waste is safely disposed of - a goal you worked on and admit can't be done.

US commercial nuclear power is fading away.

Kit P


You seem a little obsessed with your irrational fear of radiation. There have been zero cases of an off site dose greater than the regulatory limit of 5 mrem per year. Maybe kelly should tune into a rational fear of getting run over on her e-bike.

“You didn't comment ”

I try to comment on things I know not things kelly makes up. I have never lived or worked in the USSR.

“blink an eye at 985,000 Chernobyl nuclear dead people ”

I think it would take a few nukes weapons kill a million in the blink of an eye. Fear of bombs is a rational fear but there is a difference between a weapon designed to kill someone and a power plant.

No one needed to be hurt. It is simple do not stand next to the reactor. LWR reactors we design in the US have containment buildings.

This is why I think kelly is dishonest. It would like me saying solar PV could kill people if they accidentally tripped an fell on them and then were order by authorities to lay on then until they died of exposure.

About 50 people died of radiation poisoning because they did not walk away. There were about 1500 additional cases of thyroid cancer amount the children, one of which was fatal. Again this exposure could have been easily been avoided if corrupt USSR authorities had admitted a problem and taken action.

“Nor can US there be ANY new nuclear power for decades till radioactive waste is safely disposed of - a goal you worked on and admit can't be done. ”

This is not correct. The court ruling will have no practical affect on nuke plants. There are 6 reactors under construction now. Power uprates are not affect and there were several implemented during fall outages. Plants with current life extensions request being process will continue to operate until the NRC comes with new rules. Applications for new COL may be held up for a year or so but no new construction is expected.


@Kit P, thousands of news and science links support my statements. You've provided your experience or nothing.
"Analysis of the impact of an accident at Indian Point shows that if an event on the scale of the Fukushima disaster were to occur, it would be 10-100 times more costly than the $60 billion estimated price tag for that nuclear disaster, in addition to forcing the evacuation of millions of people in the most densely populated part of the United States."

If you can read this:

provides another over 5 million 'nuclear+permits+freeze' documentations.

US commercial nuclear power(like Germany) is fading away.

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