WVU, OSU create partnership for shale energy research, outreach and education
DNV and PSE develop concept for on-ship chemical CO2 capture; capable of reducing ship CO2 emissions by up to 65%

EnerSys and Ioxus partner to combine batteries and ultracaps; select automotive markets

Battery-maker EnerSys and ultracapacitor-maker Ioxus Inc. have entered a joint product development and marketing agreement under which the two will develop and market new products that leverage the strengths and benefits of combining EnerSys battery technologies with Ioxus ultracapacitor technology.

The EnerSys and Ioxus’ cooperation will focus on creating products to address regenerative braking and energy recovery in the material handling markets, and other major markets, including the UPS bridge to generator markets, the automotive and heavy truck critical and cold start markets, and the energy storage/power conditioning markets.

The combination of EnerSys battery technology with Ioxus ultracapacitor technology will benefit many vertical markets in need of high-performance, extended energy storage life under harsh environmental conditions, including select automotive markets.

—Mark McGough, CEO of Ioxus

We are pleased to be working with Ioxus, the up-and-coming leader in the ultracapacitor field. This partnership further enhances the solutions EnerSys provides to our global customers. By utilizing the unique performance of the Ioxus ultracapacitors with the broad portfolio of EnerSys products, we expect to dramatically expand the markets we compete in. Additional benefits users can expect are in both stand alone and hybrid applications.

—John Gagge, Vice President of EnerSys America’s Reserve Power Sales and Service



The high power and low storage density of super caps combined with the low power and high storage density of batteries could fulfil the need of short and extended range EVs, at least until such times as improved lower cost batteries become available.

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