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GM has record sales month in China; >300K units for first time

General Motors and its joint ventures sold more than 300,000 vehicles in a single month for the first time in China last month. January sales totaled 310,765 units, an increase of 26.0% from the same month in 2012 and 15.9% above the previous all-time monthly high of 268,035 units in January 2011.

Domestic sales by Shanghai GM and SAIC-GM-Wuling, and their Buick, Chevrolet and Wuling brands all set new single-month records as well in January.

Shanghai GM sold 154,220 vehicles in China, an increase of 24.3% year-on-year. SAIC-GM-Wuling sold 151,819 vehicles, as domestic demand for its products increased 26.6% on an annual basis. Demand in China for FAW-GM’s products increased 84.5% on an annual basis to 4,490 units.

Buick sales in China rose 21.7% from the first month of 2012 to 86,509 units. Its best seller in January was the original Excelle passenger car lineup, which generated demand of 30,264 units, an increase of 5.5%. Buick also continued to enjoy strong demand for the Excelle XT and GT, which experienced sales growth of 19.7% to 23,694 units. In addition, the Encore SUV had sales of 7,881 units in its first January in the marketplace.

Chevrolet sales in the domestic market rose 21.6% year on year to 66,141 units in January. The brand’s most popular model was the Cruze. Its sales grew 7.8 percent to 24,477 units. Sales of the Sail family also remained strong, increasing 21.0% to 21,866 units.

Cadillac luxury vehicle sales in China totaled 1,570 units in January. Baojun, GM’s entry-level passenger car brand in China, had sales of 7,018 units.

Wuling sales in China totaled 144,801 units in January, which was up 35.9% from the same month last year. Its best-selling model was the Hong Guang, whose sales grew 158.9% to 47,765 units. The Sunshine also had robust sales of 45,733 units.



If this trend continues, GM may have more sales in China than in USA by 2020 or even before. Will GM R&D and HQ move to China where the larger market and mass production will be? Will Ford and Chrysler follow? Whatever is good for GM may also be good for Ford and Chrysler?


So, the taxpayer gets a profit from the $50 billion bailout - RIGHT? http://jalopnik.com/5979658/bailed-out-gm-executives-got-excessive-pay-according-to-watchdog?tag=Inside-8-Mile

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