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Holden previews more fuel-efficient VF Commodore (Chevy SS for US) with 2013 Calais V luxury sports concept

Holden previewed the design direction of its coming VF Commodore range—to be launched mid-year—with a public reveal of the 2013 Calais V luxury sports concept. The new VF will also spearhead a new export campaign to the US in the form of the Chevrolet SS Sports Sedan.

2013 Calais V luxury sports concept. Click to enlarge.

The new VF Commodore will be more fuel efficient; due in part to the Australian Federal Government’s grant of A$39.8 million (US$41 million) through the Green Car Innovation Fund, the car features lightweight aluminium panels along with other fuel saving features such as electric power steering. It is also more aerodynamic than the VE Commodore it will replace.

Key convenience features include Auto Park Assist on all models, where the driver operates the pedals but the car effectively parks itself. Unlike many similar systems, it also allows drivers to choose between a parallel or 90° angle park. It also gets the latest version of Holden’s innovative MyLink infotainment system and keyless entry and start.

Safety features include Reverse Traffic Alert, which warns of vehicles passing when reversing out of spaces, Blind Spot Alert, Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure Warning and a Head-Up Display, which projects vital safety information such as the car’s speed directly onto the windscreen.

The VF Commodore was designed and engineered at Holden’s headquarters in Port Melbourne, Victoria. Holden’s automotive design facility at company HQ in Port Melbourne, Victoria, is one of nine GM global design studios and the largest of its kind in Australia.

The new Calais V-Series sedan, on which the show car is based, will headline an extensively upgraded VF Commodore model range that goes on sale mid-year. The Calais V’s streamlined exterior is also more aerodynamically efficient than the model it replaces. Given improved fuel economy as a major VF program target, Holden designers and engineers made extensive use of virtual modeling and wind tunnel technology to create a slippery new shape.

The cabin design was driven by the requirement to integrate a raft of advanced driver assistance and infotainment technologies and to meet GM global benchmarks.


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