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DOE issues RFI for feedback on technology validation and deployment for commercialization of fuel cell and hydrogen technologies

The US Department of Energy’s Fuel Cell Technologies Office has issued a Request for Information (RFI) (DE-FOA-0000873) seeking feedback from stakeholders regarding technology validation and deployment activities aimed at ensuring commercial readiness and stimulating commercialization of fuel cell and hydrogen technologies.

The Fuel Cell Technologies Office would like information on which hydrogen and fuel cell technologies are ready for technology validation—specifically, at a Technology Readiness Level of 6 or higher. Durability testing in real world environments and applications is fundamental to technology validation activities. Specific Areas of Interest (AOIs) for hydrogen and fuel cell technologies include:

  1. Refueling protocols;
  2. Flow meters and dispensers for hydrogen refueling;
  3. Hydrogen gas compressors;
  4. Water electrolyzers;
  5. Advanced hydrogen delivery technologies (e.g., tube trailers);
  6. Road vehicle hydrogen storage tank systems (e.g., cryo-compressed or advanced materials);
  7. Low-pressure, materials-based hydrogen storage technologies for use in material handling equipment applications;
  8. Combined hydrogen and power systems or combined hydrogen, heat, and power (tri-generation); and
  9. Stationary fuel cells for providing variable (peaking) power.

In addition, there are three AOIs for technology deployment:

  1. Low-interest loan pilot program;
  2. Fuel cells for seaport operations, including applications such as distributed shore power for ships in port, and heavy- and medium-duty vehicles for cargo hauling using a PEM fuel cell/battery hybrid platform; and
  3. Incubator funding—i.e., pre-commercial funding—for innovative hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

For the last item, the RFI is seeking feedback on innovative hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and technology areas that have successfully completed research and proof-of-concept work and now need incubator funding to accelerate the transition of pre-commercial prototypes through the pilot stage.

For this AOI, proof of concept should be demonstrated with experimental data that clearly show the potential to meet DOE technical targets when projected to commercial-scale production quantities. The remaining scale-up or other technical risks should be described, as well as the extent to which their mitigation would encourage venture capital funding to enable commercial products. Feedback is solicited on a broad range of topics from innovative component technologies (such as alkaline exchange membranes or catalysts) to complete prototype systems for a range of applications.

Responses must be received no later than 11:59 EDT on 10 April 2013.



Here's a feedback. Quit doing what the oil companies tell you to do DOE. They are not the friends of the nation. They care nothing for the United States and it's citizens. They hope to, and have enslaved the nation in stupidity. You politicians, quit worrying about your re-elections and do what's right for once. And all you sycophants at DOE that feed the politicians their daily dose of groveling, grow a spine for Christ sakes.


"You politicians, quit worrying about your re-elections and do what's right for once."

Aye! There's the rub.

Nothing will change for the better in our government until we citizens hold a constitutional convention and amend the constitution to prohibit the re-election of anyone to any elective office.


The only way to cut the flow of $$$ to politicians for elections would be the put a strict limit on election expenditures and use 100% public funding. Ban all direct and indirect private donations.

Democracy would survive another century or so.

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