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AirLiquide to partner with CEA on second-generation biofuel project; pressurized, high-temperature oxygen combustion

AirLiquide signed a partnership agreement with the CEA (Commission for atomic energy and alternative energies) in France aiming to develop a second-generation biofuel production pilot unit in France.

As part of this partnership, the CEA will develop a chain of processes—on the Bure (Meuse) - Saudron (Haute-Marne) site, and in the CEA-Grenoble center—for grinding, pressurizing, measuring, and transporting solid biomass (wood in particular) in order to inject it into a burner, with a view to minimizing the energy used for this pre-processing.

For this project, Air Liquide will develop a new combustion technology that uses a burner running on oxygen instead of air. This pressurized, high-temperature oxygen combustion will make it possible to transform solid biomass directly into synthesis gas.

The synthesis gas made by this process can then be processed to ultimately produce an extremely pure and energy-efficient synthesis fuel.

All of the R&D work related to pressurized combustion with oxygen will be carried out in Air Liquide's Research Centres in Paris Saclay (France), Frankfurt (Germany), and Newark (USA, Delaware), as well as in partnership with international research institutes.


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