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Sinopec reports bio-jet test flight successful; hydrotreated palm and waste cooking oil

26 April 2013

Sinopec, China’s top oil refiner, announced the success of the first test flight powered by the company’s newly developed drop-in aviation biofuel product. (Earlier post.)

An Airbus A320 owned by China Eastern Airlines completed an 85-minute flight using a 50% blend of Sinopec’s aviation biofuel, made from hydrotreated palm oil and recycled cooking oil feedstocks and produced by Sinopec Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Company. The bio-jet fuel conforms to the ASTM D7566 standard.

The biofuel produced enough power during the test flight and “was no different from traditional fuels”, according to Sinopec, citing statements from the pilot.

Sinopec is also developing other bio-jet processing routes for different feedstocks, such as gasification, FT synthesis and upgrading for agricultural and forestry residues; dehydration ans synthesis for alcohols; and hydrotreating for algal oils.


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