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AID reports W. European EV sales in April up almost 50% to 2,600 units, for 0.26% market share; France leading

AID (Automotive Industry Data) reports that first-time registrations in April of electric vehicles in Western Europe were up almost one-half to just under 2,600 units, representing 0.26% of the region’s new car market.

Registrations of electric cars this April were up in eight markets, down in seven, AID reported. France, thanks to the launch of the Renault ZOE, currently ranks as the region’s largest electric car market, with 3,188 new electric car registrations during the first four months of this year.

French electric car registrations in April more than doubled to 940 units, according to AID.




So you were right the Zoe seems to do better than the Leaf, that is about 10 000 cars a in a market of 2 millions a year... that's a start that EV is coming. But the Tesla experiment show that 200miles range is really the critical mileage for the mass to embrace EVs, Tesla had a 150miles range offer and they scrapped it because they got absolutely no demand for it. So basically we have to triple the range of the leaf, which requires a breakthrough in battery like the one promised by Anvia for example.


Britain is the size area of Alabama, Germany - the Dakotas, etc and under 100 mile EV range would seem more viable in Europe than in the US.

If even only 10% the battery breakthroughs reported are commercialized, 200 mile EV range will be(or is) cheap and available.

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