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Stockton deploying Northern California’s first battery-electric transit buses (corrected)

20 May 2013

The first battery-electric transit buses in Northern California were put into service today by the San Joaquin Regional Transit District (RTD). The Proterra EcoRide BE35 buses will operate on a rapid charging system and will have all of the functionality of a conventional transit bus.

The California Energy Commission (CEC) provided $2.56 million from its AB 118 program that enabled the RTD to purchase the electric buses.

By recharging for 10 minutes every two hours, the buses will be able to operate throughout the entire daily operation cycle. AeroVironment Eaton is providing the rapid charging technology.

The AeroVironment charging station is fully automated. When the Proterra bus approaches the charge station, the station recognizes the bus, guides the bus into position, and charges the vehicle without driver interaction.

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Every two hours could be every 160 Km or so for transit buses?
Interesting and practical charging system?

Here's an excerpt from GM.

"With up to a 40-mile range for the under 10-minute fast charge application, the EcoRide BE-35 can easily replace 80 percent of diesel buses in typical transit and shuttle use without altering schedules or passenger service. The EcoRide can also be configured for longer ranges while charging at a central location."

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