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Toyota: we sell 6 out of 10 hybrids in California

29 July 2013

As Ford has rapidly gained hybrid marketshare in the US—and become even more aggressive about pointing that out especially vis-à-vis Toyota (earlier post)—Toyota has swung back with an analysis pointing to its sales strength in California—the leading hybrid market in the US—as well as its leading position with the technology.

The hybrid industry has become competitive, but our wide-range of hybrid vehicles continue to deliver high value and strong attributes to both new and loyal customers. With sales of 5.3 million hybrids globally and over 2 million in the U.S., we the are undisputed leader in hybrid vehicle technology and remain committed to building on our momentum and growing the acceptance of hybrid technology throughout the U.S.

—Bill Fay, group vice president and general manager of Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.

Ford’s share of the US electrified vehicle market has grown to nearly 16% in the first half of 2013—a 12-point gain over last year.

According to data from R.L. Polk capturing registration year-to-date through May 2013, Californians bought five times more Toyota hybrids than its nearest competitor, Ford, Toyota said. General Motor’s Chevrolet brand came in third with 6%.

California registration data year-to-date through May 2013 shows Californians bought more Toyota hybrids than Ford sold passenger cars within its entire line-up.

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A 60% market share is what GM use to have.

How long can Toyota keep it up?

HarveyD, not too long, unless it starts adopting Li-ion batteries for its hybrids, see my latest piece published on Seeking Alpha:

They may be the current undisputed leader in hybrid sales but I would certainly dispute their claim about being the undisputed leader in technology. They are still using Ni-MH batteries and still do not have a direct injection engine.

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