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Cool Planet successfuly completes road test of cellulosic bio-gasoline blend

27 August 2013

Cool Planet Energy Systems, a developer of small-scale biorefineries which convert non-food biomass into gasoline, jet fuel, and soil-enhancing biochar, has completed a joint vehicle road test with Ventura County, CA. Officials there ran a 5% blend of Cool Planet’s renewable, low-carbon gasoline for six weeks during their normal operations. The demonstration received special approval from the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

The Ventura County Parks Department showcased the fuel in its Parks Department sport utility vehicle to demonstrate the versatility of Cool Planet’s renewable fuel. This follows tests that Google conducted in 2012 showing the performance and clean air attributes of the fuel. The Cool Planet low-carbon fuel was derived from plant sources, and converted into fuel at their demonstration facility in Camarillo, CA. The production of the fuel can further offset CO2 through long-term carbon sequestration in the form of soil-enhancing biochar.

Running continuously, Cool Planet’s production system has a rated capacity of 200,000 gallons of biofuel per year through the R&D, and pilot systems now in place. The company is currently raising the equity and siting their first commercial facility in Alexandria, Louisiana that will produce up to 10 million gallons per year of renewable fuel.

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5% blend is really not a lot, Cool planet claimed big goals but delivered little so far ...will see because on the paper their project looked pretty cool in the 1st place

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