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Car-Net services now an option for Volkswagen Golf and Golf Estate

20 October 2013

Car-Net mobile online services can now be ordered as an option in the Volkswagen Golf and Golf Estate. Traffic information obtained via the Internet makes it possible to compute alternative routes in real time. Google Street View and Google Earth also give drivers better visual orientation. The Golf Estate can be made even more dynamic with a progressive steering option.

Car-Net gives the driver of the Golf or Golf Estate very current information on the traffic situation. The system introduced in the Golf GTI and GTD calls up traffic data online nearly in real time and recommends alternative routes in case of traffic obstacles.

The new system offers realistic photographic map displays based on satellite images via Google Earth. For many cities, a 360-degree panoramic view (Google Street View) can be accessed for better visual orientation in unfamiliar areas.

In addition, Car-Net contains an online search function for special destinations, so the user can start a personal point-of-interest search. This function lets drivers find their individually desired destinations quicker and with the latest information.

In the R-Line sport pack, a new technology is also making its way into the Golf Estate—the progressive steering system with variable steering gear ratios, which is already familiar in such cars as the Golf GTI.

In progressive steering, it takes just 2.1 turns of the steering wheel to reach the end stop; in standard steering systems it takes 2.75 turns. This reduces steering work noticeably in maneuvering and parking. On country roads with lots of bends, and when making turns, the more direct layout of progressive steering offers definite benefits in dynamic performance.

The R-Line pack also includes the lowering of the car’s ride height by 15 mm as well as 65% tinting of the rear side windows and rear windscreen.

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