Pacific states and BC agree to align GHG and clean energy policies; targeting 10% new vehicle ZEV purchases by 2016
1.0L EcoBoost Fiesta receives EPA rating of 45 mpg highway

Air Liquide forms JV with Toyota Tsusho for hydrogen supply for fuel cell electric vehicles

Air Liquide Japan and Toyota Tsusho Corporation have signed a partnership agreement for a hydrogen supply business for fuel cell electric vehicles in Japan. According to this agreement, the two companies will establish a new JV company (Toyota Tsusho 51%, Air Liquide Japan 49%).

As a first step, the new company will build two hydrogen filling stations in Japan in the Aichi area (Atsuta in Nagoya and Fukada in Toyota city). Both will be intended for public use, to supply hydrogen for future fuel cell electric vehicles. These stations will be operational in 2014, to be ready when fuel cell vehicles are expected to reach the consumer market in 2015.

As the creation of a hydrogen supply infrastructure is one of the most critical factors for fuel cell vehicles to become public, the objective has been set in Japan: aiming for the installation of 100 hydrogen filling stations in and alongside the highways connecting four major cities (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka) by 2015.

Air Liquide Group has already built more than 60 hydrogen filling stations for fuel cell vehicles in the world.

Toyota Tsusho is a major affiliate of Toyota Group focusing on its energy-related business.



Toyota doe it the right way again.

1. Hydrogen filling stations
2. FCEVs


Im interrested to buy but i never heard of a hydrogen station in my area, montreal canada. I might move to california some day.


1) Toyota have been slow to move from NiMH to Li-ion and from hybrid to PHEV. They have also talked about revolutionary Li-ion tech. Are they taking the strategy that until there is such tech you're better off with H2?

2) Not really happy with integration between motor and fuel companies - the market forces driving an improvement in vehicle fuel efficiency would be less stable. Though given the chicken and egg problem of new fuels it makes sense in this case.

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