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San Diego electric car club social invites public to drive the Tesla Model S

1 November 2013

The Tesla Model S will be featured in a series of Electric Car Guest Drives hosted by the EV Quorum car club. The San Diego event will be held on Saturday, 9 November from 11 am-5pm in Balboa Park.

In a single afternoon, participants can drive six different electric cars including the Tesla Model S.

Participants who become members of EV Quorum are eligible to drive any of the electric cars on display. There is no charge for guests although an invitation, available through advance registration on the club’s web site, is required. EV Quorum membership is $19.80 and includes a one-year subscription to Electric Car Insider Magazine.

There will be educational exhibits about electric cars, charging stations and solar car charging systems at the event. Non-alcoholic beverages and snacks will be available. EV Quorum organizers said that guests are welcome to bring their own food and beverages, but emphasized that this is a no-alcohol gathering whose primary activity is driving.

This picnic in the park provides entertainment for non-driving family members and friends including lawn bowling and other kid-friendly games and entertainment.

Details, guest invitations and driver registration are available at

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Do this elsewhere. I'd pay $20 for few minutes of Model S, competing EV drives @ one location.

Thanks for your support, Kelly. We do plan to do this all over the country, starting on the west coast. We will be in the SF Bay Area in mid February.

We hope to do a Miami to Montreal tour next summer/early fall.

We will also have opportunities for people to drive with us between cities if they're up for an adventure. I guess we'll draw lots for driving the Model S.

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