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Advanced pre-collision safety system in 2014 Lexus LS helps avoid frontal collisions

28 November 2013

The Lexus flagship 2014 LS sedan offers an Advanced Pre-Collision System (A-PCS) with collision avoidance assist designed to detect obstacles and bring the car to a full stop if needed.

This system is designed to assist the driver in avoiding or mitigating collisions with vehicles and pedestrians under a wide range of city and highway speeds, by day or night.

A-PCS includes a system that combines information from millimeter wave radar, near infrared projectors and a stereo camera to help sense a wide range of obstacles with by day or night. Because some pedestrian collisions occur after dark, the A-PCS night detection capabilities are key enhancements to the effectiveness of this system. The system provides enhanced recognition logic for analyzing images from stereo cameras. The system helps detect moving, as well as stationary pedestrians.

If A-PCS determines that the possibility of a collision is high, the system triggers or activates:

  • A warning light and buzzer;
  • Brake Assist (BA) to increase braking force when the driver presses the brake pedal;
  • Steering assist via Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS) to help improve the vehicle’s response;
  • Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) to stiffen the dampers to help control nose drive; and
  • Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM) system to help increase vehicle control during an evasive maneuvers.

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