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Audi to begin production of Q1 entry-level SUV in 2016

2 December 2013

Audi AG has officially sanctioned the addition of the Q1 model to the Q lineup; the new model will roll off the assembly lines in Ingolstadt in 2016.

The Audi Q1 is part of our broad-based SUV strategy. It is designed on the basis of the modular transverse engine concept and will round off our Q series at the bottom end.

—Rupert Stadler, Chairman of the Board of Management

The proportion of the company’s total production volume accounted for by SUVs will be about 28% this year, and is planned to rise to more than 35% by 2020. Overall, Audi has produced and delivered to customers more than 1.5 million automobiles of the Q family since the market launch of the first SUV in 2006.

By 2020, Audi will expand its product range from the current 49 to more than 60 models, with targeted total unit sales of more than two million automobiles each year.

Audi said that the decision to produce the new model will help to secure utilization of capacity at the main plant in Ingolstadt over the long term. At this site, Audi produces models in the A and B segments, namely the A3 and A3 Sportback and the A4/A5 family.

The Q family currently comprises the Audi Q3, RS Q3, Q5, SQ5 and Q7. The Q5 is the global market leader in its direct competitive environment. This year, Audi had already delivered 194,430 units of the Q5 to customers by the end of October, which is 17% more than in the prior-year period. Approximately 230,000 units of this model are planned to be built in 2013, which is more than half of the total Q volume.

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