USDA and DOE award $8.1M to 7 biomass genomics research projects for biofuel and bioenergy
DOE to provide up to half the cost of NuScale small modular reactor project

DOE issues solicitation for up to $8B in loan guarantees for advanced fossil energy projects

The US Department of Energy (DOE) published a solicitation (DE-SOL-0006303) making up to $8 billion in loan guarantee authority available to support advanced fossil energy projects that avoid, reduce, or sequester greenhouse gases. Authorized by Title XVII of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, loan guarantees under this new solicitation will help provide critical financing to support new or significantly improved advanced fossil energy projects.

Currently providing 80% of our energy, coal and other fossil fuels will continue to be a critical part of our energy portfolio as we move toward a low-carbon future. By helping to accelerate the introduction of innovative, clean fossil energy technologies ready for deployment at commercial-scale today, investments under this solicitation will help ensure we continue to have access to affordable, clean energy from all our domestic energy resources tomorrow.

—Energy Secretary Moniz

DOE published a draft solicitation on 9 July 2013, which opened a 60-day comment period. (Earlier post.) During this time, the Department listened to potential applicants and other stakeholders and then incorporated their feedback into the solicitation. As a result, the solicitation includes new provisions intended to facilitate applications, ensure quick review, and foster successful public-private partnerships.

Eligible projects are those using advanced fossil energy technology in one or more of the following technology areas:

  • Advanced Resource Development. Projects that employ new or significantly improved technologies to economically develop, recover, and produce traditional and non-traditional fossil energy resources with reduced greenhouse gas emissions;

  • Carbon Capture. Projects that integrate fossil fuel usage in traditional processes with new or improved technology that captures and removes CO2 for permanent storage in underground formations or through beneficial reuse;

  • Low-Carbon Power Systems. Projects that use fossil fuels for electricity generation using novel processes or improved technologies that can seamlessly integrate with CO2 capture and storage or beneficial reuse; or

  • Efficiency Improvements. Projects that incorporate new or improved technologies to increase efficiencies and substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with fossil fuel supply and use.

Projects must also meet both of the following requirements:

  • Avoid, reduce, or sequester anthropogenic emission of greenhouse gases; and

  • Employ New or Significantly Improved Technology as compared to Commercial Technology in service in the United State at the time the Term Sheet is issued.

With the publication of the Advanced Fossil Energy Projects solicitation, the Department is accepting applications through the Loan Programs Office web portal at, and expects to receive the initial applications by the end of February 2014.



I would turn captured carbon into liquid hydrocarbon fuels. No sense sequestering when you can make synthetic fuels using natural gas with excess carbon.

If you capture the carbon to make fuels you have ONE source, not smoke stacks AND tail pipes, you just have the tail pipes of PHEVs leading to EVs, then you can make synthetic jet fuel.


I am sorry to see that DOE is continuing to encourage fossil fuel use. Those fuels should be left in the ground.

Ending The Era Of Global Warming
As a degreed mechanical engineer with 36 years of experience I am convinced that we must stop burning fossil fuels. Approximately 16 pounds of CO2 are exhausted into the air for every gallon of gasoline we burn in our vehicles and they persist for thousands of years. Presently (2013) there are 550 billion tons of excess CO2 in the atmosphere from human burning fossil fuels over the last 260 years. This excess CO2 has caused the measured amount of CO2 in the air to go from 285 to 400 ppm.

This excess CO2 is the major cause of global warming!

Each year approximately 35 billion tons is added to the total but even if it is reduced global warming will continue to increase. The only real solution is to remove the excess CO2 from the air. Three current papers by Oak Ridge Lab, American Physical Society and MIT concludes that it is possible with existing technologies, but using fossil fuels as an energy source would make the atmosphere worse.

Jim Holm's web site explains how it can be done with the power from wind turbines and new types of factory built nuclear reactors that are smaller, safer, more efficient and less expensive.


When you reuse power plant carbon for transportation you reduce CO2 emissions. Planting 100 million acres of biofuel crops will absorb carbon and put it in the roots and soil. The biochar from bio synthetic fuel making can be put back inuo the soil.

There are ways to do this that will make us more energy independent, more prosperous and clean the environment. We evolved brains, it is time we used them.

Roger Pham

The continual lowering of solar and wind energy cost will make this issue moot. CO2 capture and sequestration is a non-starter, because it will never be competitive with solar and wind energy. This is more gesturing rather than anything substantive!

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