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Volkswagen Group closing in on 3M units sold in China this year

Worldwide deliveries by the Volkswagen Group grew 4.7% from January to November to 8.68 (January–November 2012: 8.29) million vehicles. Of those, 2.96 units (34.1%) were delivered in China (January–November 2012: 2.53; +16.7). Those strong results put the Volkswagen Group in a close heat with GM, which just announced passing the 3-million mark in that country. (Earlier post.)

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand delivered more than 2.26 million units through November (January–November 2012: 1.92; +17.5 percent) to customers in China. Audi deliveries grew 19.7% over the January-November period in 2012, with 443,700 deliveries for the period in 2013. The ŠKODA brand deliveries in China dropped 3.8% to 217,400.

he Volkswagen Group produced a very robust performance despite the continuing economic uncertainty, and November was another good month. Our brands enjoyed particularly strong growth in China. However, the challenges on the other world markets remain unchanged.

—Group Board Member for Sales Christian Klingler

Group deliveries in the overall European market were down 1.3% to 3.36 million (38.7% of total deliveries). Deliveries in North America in the period to November were up 6.7% to 807,800 units, of which 557,000 (534,000; +4.3 percent) were handed over to customers in the United States. The Volkswagen Group delivered 832,000 (923,800; -9.9%) vehicles to customers in the South America region over the same period, of which 620,000 (709,000; -12.6%) units were handed over to customers in Brazil. In India, 84,800 (104,000; -18.5%) customers took delivery of a new Group vehicle.



I wonder what is hitting VW sales in India?

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