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DRIVE C2X wraps up V2X test program with winter testing on slippery roads in Finland

17 December 2013

DRIVE C2X, a 3.5-year, €18.6-million (US$25.6-million) European research project assessing vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications through field tests (earlier post), wrapped up its testing program with winter tests in Tampere, Finland in which they were testing the Weather Warning (WW) function providing drivers with a warning on slippery road conditions ahead. Three DRIVE C2X vehicles were in use for these tests: Opel Insignia, Volvo V70 and Mercedes 500.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland was is responsible for the Tampere test site, and also participates in DRIVE C2X project steering, data management, and impact analysis.

First-stage field trials were completed at the Tampere test site in May 2013. The second stage, performed in November-December 2013, tested a system whereby the driver receives information on slippery road surfaces and traffic signs over a 22-kilometer stretch of road.

The measuring points along the road transmit warnings of slippery stretches and traffic signs—such as right of way, warning triangles and speed limits—to the vehicle’s display device, 400 to 500 metres in advance. We have 30 drivers here, and collect a huge amount of data from their test drives for analysis.

—Harri Koskinen, Senior Scientist at VTT

In all, more than 80 drivers will have taken part in the Tampere field trials. The data collected from the tests will be analysed in spring 2014. The results of the full DRIVE C2X project will be released in France on 17 July 2014.

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