PNNL team develops continuous flow process for rapid production of green crude from algae; licensed for commercialization
ABB to supply 50 CCS (Combo) fast chargers for EVs to CLEVER in Denmark

Amyris increases number of São Paulo city buses running on a blend of renewable diesel to 400; trial of 3 on 100% RD

The number of São Paulo, Brazil city buses using a blend of Amyris Renewable Diesel, which is branded locally as Diesel de Cana (“sugarcane diesel”), has increased to 400 from 300. The blend of renewable diesel is produced from locally-grown sugarcane using Amyris’ fermentation technology. Amyris, along with the São Paulo Public Transportation Authority (SPTrans) and its industry partners, also announced a trial of three buses that will run on 100% Amyris Renewable Diesel over the coming months.

We are pleased to increase our supply of Diesel de Cana in São Paulo, helping bring the city closer to its goal of 100% renewable fuels in public transport while reducing air pollution. Our drop-in renewable fuel has been used commercially at blends of 10-30% for two years and logged over 30 million kilometers to date. Working with Mercedes-Benz, MAN and Volvo on a 100% Diesel de Cana trial, we will build greater confidence in our fuel’s quality and performance, paving the way to expand our commercial efforts in other metropolitan areas globally.

—Adilson Liebsch, Commercial Director at Amyris Brasil

The city of São Paulo has more than 15,000 buses consuming about 450 million liters (118 million gallons) of diesel per year. Amyris’s sugarcane-based diesel is helping the city meet its goal of reducing fossil fuel use in the public transit system. Under city law, São Paulo is working to reduce fossil diesel use by 10% every year through 2018.

Separately, Amyris announced it has successfully produced its first fragrance oil for its partner Firmenich SA, a leading global flavors and fragrances company.

In 2014, building on the successful scale-up of production at a specialty contract manufacturer, Amyris plans to produce this fragrance oil at Amyris’ own industrial fermentation plant, located near the town of Brotas, São Paulo state in Brazil.

Amyris uses its industrial synthetic biology platform to convert plant sugars into a variety of molecules that can be used in a wide range of products. Amyris’s initial portfolio of commercial products is based on Biofene, Amyris’s brand of renewable farnesene, a long-chain hydrocarbon.


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