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Li-ion maker Amprius raises $30M to accelerate commercialization of high-energy, high-capacity batteries

6 January 2014

Amprius, a developer of high-energy and high-capacity lithium-ion batteries using silicon nanowire anodes (earlier post), has raised $30 million in Series C funding. Amprius will use the funds to commercialize its batteries and further develop the next generations of its advanced batteries.

The company introduced its first generation of batteries in May 2013, and is currently sampling and selling 650 Wh/L batteries.

Amprius’ technology was initially developed at Professor Yi Cui’s laboratory at Stanford University; Prof. Cui is a founder of the company.

SAIF Partners, a leading Asian private equity firm, led the financing, in which all of Amprius’ previous investors participated. Amprius’ Series A and B investors include Trident Capital, VantagePoint Capital Partners, IPV Capital, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Chinergy Capital, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, and Stanford University.

Amprius maintains an R&D lab and corporate headquarters in Sunnyvale, California and operates an R&D lab and pilot production line for advanced battery development in Nanjing, China.

SAIF Partners is a leading private equity firm in Asia that provides growth capital to promising companies. SAIF’s primary areas of focus include Information, Technology Internet, Mobile, Consumer Products and Services, Healthcare, Cleantech, Education, Modern Agriculture, Financial Services & Manufacturing. SAIF Partners was founded in 2001 and currently manages over $3.6 billion in capital.

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I have a cell phone with a rechargeable battery inside but it was not written how many Wh/L the battery is. I recharge it once a week for 2 hours approx.

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