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Visteon presenting connected cockpit concept collaboration with Renault at CES; open architecture approach

4 January 2014

Visteon Corporation will present its new connected cockpit electronics solution developed in collaboration with Renault at the 2014 International CES next week in Las Vegas. Unveiled at the LeWeb’13 Paris event in December, Visteon’s cockpit demonstrator offers an insight into ways drivers and passengers can interact with autonomous driving features for driver delegation.

As Renault’s chosen architect and system integrator, Visteon delivered the cockpit electronics user experience for the demonstrator. The many connected car functions are demonstrated via a multi-modal human-machine interface of voice, touch and advanced displays. The cockpit enables drivers and passengers to seamlessly continue their “digital lives” in the vehicle by offering access to features such as video calls while in autonomous driving mode.

Working with mainly non-automotive technology partners, Visteon used agile development methods to deliver the connected cockpit concept in a very short timeframe. Applying its proprietary user interface software framework, Visteon was able to integrate rapidly changing requirements throughout the development process.

Visteon is also using CES to showcase several technologies that support the blending of consumer and automotive electronics. By employing an open architecture strategy, Visteon is participating in this evolving market through its ability to quickly modify existing platforms.

Visteon is actively involved in industry groups including GENIVI—an alliance committed to driving the adoption of an in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) open-source development platform; Car 2 Car Communication Consortium—which promotes worldwide harmonization of vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications; and the Wireless Power Consortium—the mission of which is to establish a global standard for wirelessly charging electronic products.

Visteon recently established working relationships with other industry experts that utilize an open strategy:

  • OpenSynergy: A specialist in embedded automotive systems. OpenSynergy has developed COQOS, a standards-based solution that integrates open architecture software. This virtualization technology has been embedded into Visteon’s OpenAir connected services demonstrator to provide consumers with mobile device features in their vehicles.

  • Rightware. Visteon has teamed with this leader in embedded user interface software and benchmarking tools to deliver graphics and human-machine interaction solutions. Visteon’s LightScape performance instrument cluster and OpenAir infotainment product were developed using Rightware’s Kanzi UI solution.

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