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VoiceBox and Elektrobit partner to deliver conversational voice connected car development platform

VoiceBox Technologies Corp., a developer of patented conversational voice software, is working with Elektrobit to provide advanced natural language capabilities to EB GUIDE, a comprehensive HMI development platform. VoiceBox is previewing the partnership demonstration at this year’s CES, focused on Local Search, Text Messaging and Music Search.

Elektrobit’s EB GUIDE has a wide range of consumer-inspired features, including 3D content import, graphical animations and effects, speech recognition for dynamic data, as well as multi-touch and touch gesture recognition for smartphone-like use. EB GUIDE also enables carmakers and suppliers to create multi-modal HMIs enriched with HTML5 app-like content.

These capabilities will be further enhanced through the use of VoiceBox’s Conversational Voice technology, which leverages patented Context Management to allow consumers to go beyond the current voice-search paradigm. In contrast to the traditional single-question, single-answer approach, VoiceBox allows users to query multiple topics in any order that is natural for them, and to ask follow up questions.


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