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Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand delivers nearly 6M vehicles in 2013, 2.51M to China (42%)

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand closed 2013 with a new record, delivering 5.93 million (2012: 5.74; +3.4%) vehicles to customers for the first time in a twelve-month period. Of those, 2.51 million (2012: 2.15; +16.6%) were delivered in China (including Hong Kong)—the Asia-Pacific region’s largest single market—accounting for 42.3% of Volkswagen Passenger Cars’ global sales.

With the strong results in China in 2013 from other Volkswagen Group brands—

  • Audi: 491,989 units, 31% of total sales
  • Škoda: 227,000 units, 25% of sales
  • Porsche: 37,425 units, 60% of sales
—the Volkswagen Group posted more than 3.27 million light-duty vehicle sales in China in 2013.

General Motors and its joint ventures sold a record 3,160,377 vehicles in China in 2013, including light commercial vehicles (not reflected in the VW tally) but excluding Hong Kong. (Earlier post.)

On the overall European market, where the situation remained difficult, Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivered 1.64 million (2012: 1.70; -3.7%) vehicles, of which 263,300 (2012: 267,100; -1.4%) were handed over to customers in the Central and Eastern Europe region.

The brand delivered 156,300 (2012: 164,700; -5.1%) units in Russia, that region’s largest single market. Deliveries in Western Europe (excluding Germany) were down 3.9% to 811,800 (2012: 844,500) units. Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivered 560,100 (2012: 586,100; -4.4%) vehicles to customers in Germany in 2013.

In the Asia-Pacific region the brand enjoyed a substantial 15.0% increase in deliveries for the full year, handing over 2.73 million (2012: 2.37) vehicles to customers. Volkswagen handed over 616,800 (2012: 623,300) vehicles to customers in the North America region, of which 407,700 (2012: 438,100; -6.9%) units were delivered in the United States. The company handed over 720,400 (2012: 836,600; -13.9%) vehicles in South America over the same period, of which 550,800 (2012: 661,000; -16.7%) were delivered to customers in Brazil.


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