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EPA to award up to $4M for projects to reduce diesel emissions from port fleets

EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ) is soliciting proposals (EPA-OAR-OTAQ-14-02) that achieve significant reductions in diesel emissions in terms of tons of pollution produced by diesel engines and diesel emissions exposure, from fleets operating at marine and inland water ports. The total estimated funding for this competition is approximately $4 million

EPA anticipates awarding two to five cooperative agreements from this announcement, subject to availability of funds, the quality of proposals received, and other applicable considerations. Applicants cannot request more than $2 million in federal funding—proposals requesting more than $2 million in federal funds will not be reviewed. Funding will be in the form of cooperative agreements.

EPA will fund:

  • Verified Exhaust Control Technologies: EPA will fund up to 100% of the cost of eligible verified exhaust control technologies.

  • Verified/Certified Engine Upgrades: EPA will fund up to 40% of the cost (labor and equipment) of eligible engine upgrades.

  • Verified Locomotive Idle Reduction Technologies: EPA will fund up to 40% of the cost of eligible idle reduction technologies on locomotives.

  • Verified Marine Shore Connection Systems: EPA will fund up to 25% of the cost of eligible shore connection systems.

  • Certified Engine Repower: EPA will fund up to 40% of the cost (labor and equipment) of an eligible engine repower.

  • Non-road Diesel Vehicles and Equipment: EPA will fund the incremental cost of a newer, cleaner vehicle or piece of equipment powered by a 2013 or newer model year certified non-road diesel engine, up to 25% of the cost of an eligible replacement vehicle or piece of equipment.

  • Drayage Truck Replacement: EPA will fund up to 50% of the cost of eligible drayage trucks with a 2010 model year or newer heavy-duty engine.

  • Clean Alternative Fuel Conversions: EPA will fund up to 40% of the cost (labor and equipment) of an eligible clean alternative fuel conversion.

Eligible diesel emission reduction solutions include verified emission control technologies such as exhaust controls and engine upgrades, verified idle reduction technologies, certified engine repowers, and/or certified vehicle or equipment replacement.

Eligible diesel vehicles, engines and equipment may include drayage trucks, marine engines, locomotives and non-road engines, equipment or vehicles used in handling of cargo at a marine or inland water port.

Eligible entities include public port authorities with jurisdiction over transportation or air quality at a marine or inland water port. Community groups, local governments, terminal operators, shipping carriers, and other business entities involved in port operations are encouraged to participate through partnerships with eligible port authorities.


Marcel Williams

For ground vehicles, you could replace diesel fuel with dimethyl ether with only minor modifications.

For ships, engines that use methanol could be installed.

Both methanol and methanol derived dimethyl ether could come from natural gas or urban and rural biowaste (garbage)


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