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BASF introduces EvapTrap automotive hydrocarbon trap for LEV III evaporative emissions compliance without backpressure increase

BASF introduced the EvapTrap automotive air intake system hydrocarbon trap. This patented technology is applied directly onto the surface of a vehicle’s air intake box to adsorb engine hydrocarbons without increasing backpressure. The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has adopted new LEV III emissions regulations which go into effect in 2015, requiring automakers to further reduce evaporative emissions. The Super Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle (SULEV) standard under these regulations specifies near-zero evaporative emissions.

Hydrocarbons in the fuel from the engine can leak out through the air intake system when the car is not running. Traditional solutions involve adding an activated carbon honeycomb or filter to the air intake box to adsorb the hydrocarbons. However, these approaches increase the backpressure, reducing horsepower and fuel economy.

The EvapTrap provides a powerful solution to meet pending SULEV evaporative emissions standards while allowing auto manufacturers to use their existing air intake box, thus reducing complexity and cost for the OEM. Traditional solutions involve adding an activated carbon honeycomb or filter to the air intake box to adsorb the hydrocarbons. However this approach can increase backpressure, reducing horsepower and fuel economy. EvapTrap, on the other hand, addresses the evaporative emissions challenge without any backpressure increase.

—Nick Leclerc, Product Manager, BASF Mobile Emissions Catalysts

Evaporative emissions are measured in a “SHED” (Sealed Housing for Evaporative Determination) test, which is a drive-in chamber built for the purpose of testing the fuel emissions of a vehicle that are not related to engine exhaust. The EvapTrap has been successfully SHED-tested and proven to offer adhesion durability to all air intake box materials, including polypropylene. It is also a tamper-proof solution.

The EvapTrap is part of BASF’s SULEV System Solutions portfolio which includes advanced TWC (Three Way Conversion) catalysts, PremAir direct ozone reduction catalysts and FWC (Four Way Conversion) catalysts to meet the tightest emission regulations.


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