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Report: LG Chem obtains patent for Li-ion battery separator in Europe, Japan

22 January 2014

Yonhap News reported that South Korea-based LG Chem Ltd. said that it has obtained a patent for its safety-reinforced separator (SRS), a key component of lithium-ion polymer batteries, in Europe and Japan. SRS uses nanoscale ceramic particles to prevent internal short circuits. The separator offers excellent abuse tolerance due to its thermal and mechanical strength. (Earlier post.)

LG Chem introduced its SRS in 2006, and emphasized its high thermal stability and excellent hardness compared to conventional polyolefin separators. Its next generation of SRS technology reduced the required coating thickness by 20%, reducing binder content by 50% while increasing the loading of ceramic particles by 20%.

In an emailed statement, LG Chem said that its SRS technology was key in its being chosen as the provider of lithium-ion batteries to global carmakers such as General Motors, Ford, Volvo, Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors as well as power companies including ABB.

LG Chem now has SRS patents in five regions, including South Korea, the United States and China, the company said.

LG Chem is also embroiled in protracted litigation with another S. Korean company, SK Innovation, over the separator technology.

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