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Hickok receives $1.8M+ order for injection system testers for gasoline direct injection engines

31 January 2014

Hickok Incorporated, a supplier of products and services for the automotive, emissions testing, locomotive, and aircraft industries, received an order in excess of $1,800,000 for AFIT (Active Fuel Injector Tester) DMU (Drive and Measurement Unit) adapters from an automotive OEM. This new adapter enables the OEM’s dealers to test and to diagnose Gasoline Direct Injection engine fuel systems.

Hickok previously supplied the OEM’s dealers a tester for Multi Port Fuel Injection systems (MFI).

Hickok developed proprietary on-engine fuel injector testing technology more than a decade ago. That technology which was originally developed for MFI systems has been extended to test not only direct injection gasoline engines but also diesel engines (DFIT). Because of the high pressures encountered in these new systems and the interrelationship of all the elements including fuel injectors, pumps, and regulators, only electrical connections are required to perform a test.

We are pleased to announce this significant contract and we believe the order validates the value of our proprietary fuel injection system diagnostic technology. This product particularly relates to the new Gasoline Direct Injection engines being introduced on many new automobiles and medium duty trucks. Interestingly, to diagnose these new systems you not only have to test injector flow but also the entire fuel delivery system including pumps and regulators. Further, the tool hook-up time is short and the results are clear and accurate. I expect it to become the technicians tool of choice for many issues encountered diagnosing these new engines.

—Robert L. Bauman, President and CEO

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