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Gas2 reports producing hydrocarbon liquids from its small-scale FT pilot plant

Scottish gas reforming company Gas2 reported achieving a second milestone at its 3 bpd (barrels per day) Wilton Research Centre pilot plant in Teesside, UK. (Earlier post.) By successfully commissioning and starting-up its small-scale Fischer Tropsch (FT) reactor using syngas produced in the syngas reactor, the company has produced hydrocarbon liquids.

The test run success follows that of the syngas reactor which has been operated successfully at a range of operating pressures, showing minimal loss of conversion at higher pressures. The next steps are to optimize the syngas reactor design and run further parametric tests on the FT reactors in preparation for scale-up engineering.

These results are an important step forward in our quest to commercialize Gas2 GTL technology. We are developing a modular system which will offer significant economic and environmental advantages, with higher hydrocarbon conversion rates than existing technologies. Liquid production matched our expectations at this stage and significantly advances our development program. It underlines our belief that Gas 2 has a technology with the potential to disrupt the GTL market and create significant long term value for our commercial partners and future clients.

—Mike Fleming, managing director of Gas2

Aberdeen-based Gas2 has developed a catalytic ceramic-based porous membrane (pMRTM) that is used in its gas reforming reactors and fluid forming (Fischer Tropsch) reactors to create liquid hydrocarbons. This is an alternative technical solution to other developers of small- to medium-scale GTL.

Gas2’s GTL process is a simplified system compared with other available GTL processes, with one potential advantage being the elimination of the intermediate compression stage between syngas and FT reactors, which are an expensive part of other systems. This could play a significant role in driving down capital and operating costs. Operating syngas reactors at higher pressures with minimal loss of conversion is key to intermediate compression elimination.

Gas2 says it is the only gas reforming company to have developed its own complete stand-alone GTL solution on this scale, without being tied to any particular larger industrial partners.


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