Researchers use in situ NMR spectroscopy to provide insight into silicon expansion in Li-ion batteries
Renewable Energy Group breaks ground on $13.2M upgrade to Newton biodiesel plant

UMTRI: average fuel economy of new vehicles sold in US in Jan was 24.9 mpg, up 0.1 mpg from Dec

The average fuel economy (window-sticker value) of new vehicles sold in the US in January was 24.9 mpg (9.4 l/100 km)—up 0.1 mpg from the value in December, according to the latest monthly figures from Dr. Michael Sivak and Brandon Schoettle at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. The January 2014 fuel economy figure is up 4.8 mpg from the value in October 2007, the first month of their monitoring.

Average sales-weighted mpg (adjusted). Click to enlarge.

The University of Michigan Eco-Driving Index (EDI)—an index that estimates the average monthly emissions of greenhouse gases generated by an individual US driver—reached a record low of 0.79 in November 2013 (the lower the value the better). This value indicates that the average new-vehicle buyer produced 21% lower emissions in November 2013 than in October 2007. The EDI takes into account both vehicle fuel economy and distance driven (the latter relying on data that are published with a two-month lag).

Click to enlarge.



The arrival of more 60 mpg ICEVs and HEVs, 125+ mpg PHEVs, BEVs and FCEVs will progressively move the average new car liquid fuel consumption closer to 100 mpg.

At the current rate of 0.1 mpg per month, it would take about 750 months or another 62.5 years to get there. The rate of change would have to be doubled to get there in 30 years or by 2044.

E-P is already there.

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