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Volkswagen Group first German automaker in Clean Shipping Network

The Volkswagen Group is the first German automaker to join the Clean Shipping Network, an association of cargo owners. In future, Volkswagen Group Logistics will use the Clean Shipping Index (CSI) assessment tool to analyze and reduce the environmental impact of marine shipment.

This step is part of the Volkswagen Group’s strategy with the objective of anchoring environmental sustainability in more and more business activities along the process chain.

The data in the CSI make the environmental efficiency of marine shipment more comparable. The index allows the members of the Clean Shipping Network to determine the emissions of individual ships and individual routes and therefore to take valid environmental criteria into consideration in the selection of vessels. Apart from chemicals and waste disposal, the index also includes CO2, NOx, and SOx emissions.

Within the Clean Shipping Network, Volkswagen Group Logistics will intensify its efforts to ensure that ships cause lower emissions and that exhaust gases are treated. In addition, Volkswagen intends to promote the inclusion of other criteria such as the reduction of particulate emissions in the index.

—Thomas Zernechel, Head of Volkswagen Group Logistics



Fantastic work.
Marine bunker oil is one of the most damaging forms of pollution, as it uses the dregs from the bottom of the barrel and traditionally has spewed them out with little or no emissions control.
It is about time we got a grip on it.

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