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The restyled Volkswagen Scirocco will debut in Geneva, featuring a new range of engines that offer up to 276 hp yet also promise fuel efficiency improvements of up to 19%. The Scirocco offers a choice of six new turbocharged direct-injection gasoline and diesel engines, all of which meet EU6 emissions standards and return between 57.4 and 29.1 mpg US (4.1 to 8.1 l/100 km).

The gasoline range consists of a 1.4-liter petrol with 125 PS (123 hp), and a new 2.0-liter 180 PS (177 hp) unit which replaces the previous 1.4-liter 160 PS (158 hp) unit. Despite the increase in capacity and power, it is more economical than the unit it replaces. The previous 2.0-liter TSI 210 PS (207 hp) has been replaced with a 220 PS (217 hp) unit that is also 19% more fuel efficient. The new top-end Scirocco R uses a 2.0-liter unit producing 280 PS (276 hp)—15 PS more than before.

Scirocco R_05
Scirocco R. Click to enlarge.

Two diesel engines will be offered, both 2.0-liter units, with either 150 PS (148 hp) or 184 PS (181 hp), and economy of up to 57.4 mpg US. Depending on power output both gasoline and diesel engines come with a choice of six-speed manual and six- or seven-speed DSG gearbox.

Externally, the Scirocco’s shape has been refined and modernized with new headlights and tail lights, as well as revised bumper styling. The revised front bumper features aerodynamic ‘blades’ in the outer section, like those of the latest-generation Golf GTI, with integrated indicator lights, daytime running lights and fog lights. On models fitted with the optional bi-xenon headlights, the daytime running lights are LEDs within the main headlights. At the rear, all Sciroccos now have LED tail lights, while the bumper has been reshaped to appear lower and more purposeful. As on a Golf, the Volkswagen logo badge now has an additional purpose: functioning as the tailgate release handle.


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