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Oregon governor directs DEQ to move ahead with Clean Fuels Program

Oregon Governor Kitzhaber recently announced a new initiative to maximize the economic development potential of clean fuels in Oregon, directing the Department of Environmental Quality to move forward with full implementation of Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program and announcing a new Clean Fuels Work Advisory Committee.

Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program currently is in a state of suspended animation, the governor’s office said. DEQ has only partially implemented the Clean Fuels Program passed by the Legislature in 2009. Like the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), the program was designed to reduce the carbon intensity of fuels by 10% over 10 years, and while DEQ is collecting fuel data from producers and importers, it has not yet implemented the program’s carbon reduction requirements.

With the directive from the Governor, DEQ will fully implement the Clean Fuels Program, providing regulatory certainty for companies looking to invest in Oregon jobs, alternative fuels and vehicles.

In addition to directing DEQ to move forward, the Governor also announced a new Clean Fuels Work Advisory Committee. The committee is made up of both business and labor leaders, and will help answer questions about how to leverage the potential of clean fuels in Oregon and accelerate job creation and investment.


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