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Evonik presenting technical paper on fluid properties and efficiency of hydraulic hybrid vehicles

Oil additives specialists from Evonik will deliver two presentations during the International Fluid Power Exposition (IFPE), 4-8 March Vegas. Steven Herzog, oil additives OEM liaison manager, will deliver a presentation titled “The Effects of Fluid Properties on the Efficiency of Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles”.

Herzog will describe the research program created to test the effects of hydraulic fluid properties on the efficiency of hydraulic hybrid vehicles. The test results of the program will offer developers of hydraulic hybrid systems insights on how fluids impact the efficiency of their systems.

Thomas Schimmel, oil additives business segment manager for hydraulic fluids at Evonik, will also deliver a presentation titled “Improving Fuel Efficiency, Productivity and Reducing GHG Emissions of Off-Highway Equipment Through the Use of Energy-Efficient Hydraulic Fluids”.

Schimmel will discuss how the global resource efficiency megatrend is impacting the demand for more energy-efficient construction equipment, which is driving hydraulic fluid performance trends. He will also explain the significant contribution shear-stable high viscosity index (VI) hydraulic fluids can make in terms of economic and environmental measures.

The presentation is based on a paper authored by Schimmel, Michaël Alibert, Frank Olaf-Maehling, and Torsten Bartels.


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