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Kaiser Aluminum and Boeing form multi-year closed-loop aerospace aluminum recycling program

Kaiser Aluminum Corporation and Boeing have formed a closed-loop scrap recycling program that is expected to involve approximately 22 million pounds of aluminum during the 2014-2015 production period.

This program, the largest aluminum recycle program to date, captures 7XXX and 2XXX aluminum alloy recyclables generated at multiple Boeing facilities during production of commercial aircraft. The scrap alloys will be re-melted and utilized in production of aerospace sheet and plate at Kaiser Aluminum's Trentwood facility in Spokane, Washington.

Boeing is focused on reducing the environmental footprint of commercial aviation through the aircraft’s lifecycle, which includes working with suppliers to increase materials recyclability and reduce manufacturing waste. Our collaboration with Kaiser Aluminum to capture 22 million pounds of aluminum alloy scrap for re-use in our aircraft production is a significant opportunity to make progress toward this important goal.

— John Byrne, VP of Boeing Aircraft Materials and Structures

Kaiser Aluminum Corporation, headquartered in Foothill Ranch, Calif., is a leading producer of semi-fabricated specialty aluminum products, with highly-engineered solutions for aerospace and high-strength, general engineering, and custom automotive and industrial applications. The company’s North American facilities produce value-added sheet, plate, extrusions, rod, bar, tube and wire products.



This has been done for the last 60++ years?

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