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Renault group leader in Europe for low CO2 emissions in 2013

Renault Group has moved into pole position in Europe in terms of low CO2 emissions, with an average of 114.7g of CO2/km per vehicle (source: AAA-DATA) based on its passenger car sales over the full year 2013.

Renault Group attributed this to the recent rejuvenation of its ranges, notably including five models that return less than 100g of CO2/km (Twingo, New Clio, Captur, Mégane and Dacia Sandero). In the small five-seater diesel car sector, New Clio Energy dCi 90 eco² is the class leader with 83 g/km. Overall, the New Renault Clio range emits 18.5 g of CO2/km less than the model’s previous generation.

Meanwhile, Renault electric vehicle sales have also contributed significantly to the Group’s low average CO2 emissions, the company said

Taken as a whole, the average level of CO2 emissions per kilometer across Renault Group’s entire range has improved by nearly 11g in 2013 over 2012, falling from 125.5g/km to 114.7g/km (-8.6%).

This position of market leader is proof that the combination of our powertrain strategy—with our range of Energy engines—and our electric vehicle strategy is bearing fruit. Thanks to these innovations, Renault Group is achieving tangible results and maintaining its objective to significantly reduce the long-term environmental footprint of its activities.

—Jean-Philippe Hermine, Director, Renault Group, Environmental Plan



It is really very impressive.
83 gms/km is outstanding for an ICE, even if will be hard to achieve in reality.

If/when the EU redesigns their test regime to a more realistic one, the numbers will go up, but if they get closer to reality, then the car companies have a better test to guide them.

Lets hope that Renault survives and doesn't get bought out by some Chinese car company.

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