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New steering wheel concept from TRW supports automated driving

TRW Automotive Holdings unveiled a new steering wheel concept, being shown on the Rinspeed XchangE showcar at the Geneva Motor Show. The steering wheel offers a number of multi-functional features including hands on/off detection to help support the driver during semi-automated and automated driving situations.

With the integrated hands on/off sensor and flexible positioning of the wheel, the driver can choose whether to drive the vehicle himself, pass control of the vehicle to the front passenger, or have the vehicle drive itself in automated mode.

Furthermore, with the increasing number of electronically controlled functions in the vehicle, certain controls can be eliminated or packaged into the steering wheel, offering more space and flexibility for the car interior. For example, with the XchangE vehicle, we have been able to remove the center console and integrate the gear shift into the steering wheel.

—Guido Hirzmann, group leader, new technology, Mechatronic

The steering wheel offers a modern, lightweight design incorporating the following functions which can be activated by touching transparent switches:

  • A Drive Mode Manager (DMM) display, located at the top of the steering wheel, illuminating ‘A’ when the vehicle is in automated mode. If the driver touches the steering wheel, ‘M’ (manual) becomes illuminated indicating that the driver is ready to take back control of the vehicle. If the driver then touches 'Push to Drive’ or ‘PTD’, control is given back to the driver. Similarly, if the driver later takes his or her hands off the wheel, the DMM display automatically changes from ‘M’ to ‘A’ and the vehicle continues to drive in an automated mode.

  • Gear shift: the driver can move from park, neutral, drive and reverse using the relevant switches on the steering wheel.

  • Turn indicators: the indicator switches are illuminated white (ambient lighting) and when activated, the corresponding left and right arrows flash.

  • Electronic Horn System (EHS): the horn can be activated by touching a conductive area on the steering wheel airbag cover.



A good first partial step towards future autonomous drive vehicles. Will we be ready for it by 2025 or so?

Will people with autonomous drive vehicle lose their driving skill below the level required to safely drive their car?

Bob Wallace

I doubt people will lose their driving skills. They may not be as sharp, but they'll be able to drive.

And they will be backed up by vehicle collision avoidance systems.

I am so ready for self-driving cars. I just finished a coast to coast drive and saw only the scenery dead ahead of me.

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