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FuelCell Energy receives $2.8M continuation of DOE award for tri-generation Direct FuelCell power plant

Echo Automotive signs motor supply agreement with Remy for PHEV system; co-developing advanced induction motor

Echo Automotive, Inc., a developer of technologies enabling the cost-effective aftermarket addition of plug-in hybrid (PHEV) capability to new or existing vehicles (earlier post), signed a supply agreement with Remy International that secures supply of critical components for the Echo’s EchoDrive plug-in hybrid system.

In addition to ensuring the supply of industry-leading components for the EchoDrive plug-in hybrid system, which is scheduled for production later this year, the agreement formalizes the development of an advanced induction motor system, Echo Induction Machine, that will be assembled and distributed by Echo Automotive and available to system integrators.

The Echo Induction machine is a complete advanced induction motor system designed to deliver outstanding power density, efficiency and durability through an integrated stator and rotor pairing with an optimized inverter control. This unique machine will offer a safer and more affordable alternative to other motor types in many light-to-medium-duty applications within the automotive industry and beyond, the company says.

Remy components are currently in use in the EchoDrive beta system, and will be included in the EchoDrive production units scheduled for delivery later this year. The Echo Induction Motor will be available separately through EchoSolutions. Orders are being accepted now.



As was recently done with most ICEs, EV electric motors and controls will evolve and become lighter, cheaper and more efficient. Controlled AWD will become the norm.

Secondly, many future high quality EV motors will last 20+ years without maintenance.

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