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DOE to issue funding opportunity for hydrogen and fuel cell Incubator projects

The US Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) intends to issue, on behalf of its Fuel Cell Technologies Office, a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) entitled “Innovations in Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Fuels Technologies” (DE-FOA-0001094) for the FCTO Incubator program.

EERE has established multi‐year plans and roadmaps, with a concomitant focus of the majority of its resources on a limited number of “highest probability of success” pathways/approaches to ensure that the program initiatives are supported at a critical mass (both in terms of dollars and time) for maximum impact. While this roadmap‐based approach can be a strength, it can also create challenges in recognizing and exploring unanticipated, game changing pathways/approaches which may ultimately be superior to the pathways/approaches on the existing roadmaps.

Accordingly, EERE offices issue incubator FOAs to support innovative technologies and solutions that could help meet office goals but are not represented in a significant way in existing Multi Year Program Plans (MYPPs) or current portfolios (e.g., earlier post). Incubator programs allow DOE to assess new technologies for potential to be on-ramped to future MYPPs.

The mission of the Fuel Cell Technologies Office (FCTO) is to enable the widespread commercialization of a portfolio of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies through applied research, technology development and demonstration, and diverse efforts to overcome institutional and market challenges. The FCTO Incubator Program is intended to identify potentially impactful ideas that are not addressed in FCTO’s strategic plan or project portfolio.

It is not intended to fund projects that are incremental improvements to current products or processes or for established work in FCTO’s strategic plan or current portfolio.

The FCTO FOA will be open to any and all impactful ideas which significantly advance the mission of the FCTO. Areas of Interest include, but are not exclusive to:

  • Platinum Group Metal (PGM)-free catalysts and membrane electrode assemblies;

  • Fuel cell–based electrochemical conversion devices for stationary energy storage;

  • Completely innovative hydrogen production and delivery technologies (including hoses, meters, compressors, etc.);

  • Breakthrough, low pressure hydrogen storage materials; and

  • Hydrogen infrastructure: Manufacturing solutions for low-cost, standardized skid- mounted hydrogen fueling stations; and game-changing business models/financial approaches to address infrastructure costs.

EERE envisions awarding multiple financial assistance awards in the form of cooperative agreements. The estimated period of performance for each award will be approximately 12-24 months.

DOE issues such notices of intent to issue so that interested parties are aware of the near-term upcoming FOA. EERE plans to issue the FOA on or about 31 March 31 2014.


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