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Volkswagen shows new 65 mpg Golf Sportsvan TDI BlueMotion at Geneva show

At the Geneva International Motor Show, Volkswagen is giving the new Golf Sportsvan TDI BlueMotion its debut. The new 5-seater diesel Golf Sportsvan offers combined cycle fuel consumption of 3.6 l/100 km (65 mpg US), equating to CO2 emissions of 95 g/km (provisional).

The good aerodynamics of the 81 kW / 109 hp Golf Sportsvan TDI BlueMotion contributes significantly to the low fuel consumption. With numerous modifications, the new MPV achieves a CD value of 0.27. Among the factors that have enhanced the aerodynamics are the lowered vehicle body (15 millimeters lower); a special roof edge spoiler; a radiator grille partially closed to the outside; a partially sealed ventilation grille with radiator shutter behind it; optimized cooling airflow ;and special underfloor panels.

The Golf Sportsvan TDI BlueMotion is available in Trendline and Comfortline trims. The specific BlueMotion features also include 15-inch alloy wheels and low rolling resistance tires.

The new BlueMotion model is also equipped with a Stop/Start system; regenerative braking mode; modifications within the TDI engine; and a modified 6-speed manual gearbox.

The new Golf Sportsvan TDI BlueMotion will be available in Germany this summer.



Over 50 cubic feet storage and over 60 mpg sounds like a long road trip VW.


Is this another step towards future 100 mpg ICEVs

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