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ARB fines 12 ocean-going shippers $476,750 for violating low-sulfur fuel regulation

The California Air Resources Board has fined 12 shipping companies a combined $476,750 for failure to switch from high-sulfur diesel “bunker” fuel to cleaner, low-sulfur marine distillate fuel upon entering Regulated California Waters, as required by state law.

ARB said that all companies cited took prompt action after being notified of the violations and, under ARB’s supervision, began complying with state law. All were fined for either failing to switch to cleaner fuel within 24 nautical miles of the California coast, or for switching fuels in an untimely manner:

  • Univan Maritime Ltd. (Hong Kong) - $78,250
    • Vessel name: Maersk Wolfsburg
  • Firon Shipping Inc. (Cyprus) c/o XT Shipping Group - $68,000
    • Vessel name: Blue Diamond
  • W. Bockstiegel GmbH & Co. Reederei KG (Germany) - $55,500
    • Vessel name: BBC Arizona
  • MK Shipmanagement Co., Ltd. (Tokyo) - $53,000
    • Vessel name: Ocean Seagull
  • Cosco Maritime Ltd. (UK) - $34,500
    • Vessel name: Antwerp
  • Triton Schiffahrts GmbH - $30,250
    • Vessel name: Eagle Bay
  • Dumun Marine S.A. (Panama) - $30,250
    • Vessel name: Dumun
  • Peter Doehle Schiffahrts (Germany) - $27,750
    • Vessel name: Fanfare
  • Byzantine Maritime Corporation (Greece) - $27,750
    • Vessel name: Ermione
  • Crowley Technical Management, Inc. (Florida, USA) - $27,750
    • Vessel name: Ocean Crescent
  • BigLift Shipping B.V. (Netherlands) - $23,750
    • Vessel name: Happy Dynamic
  • YA-SA Tanker and Transportation (Turkey) - $20,000
    • Vessel name: Golden Horn


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