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Statoil Aviation and SkyNRG partner on sustainable jet fuel for Nordic region

Statoil Aviation and SkyNRG recently announced a long-term cooperation towards accelerating the demand for and supply of sustainable jet fuel for the Nordic region. Next to supplying sustainable jet fuel at a premium in the short term, the co-operation will focus on the development of SkyNRG BioPorts: regional supply chains turning sustainable feedstock and local waste streams into sustainable jet fuel that is price competitive with fossil jet fuel.

The co-operation expects to announce their first projects in the Nordic region soon.

We foresee that working with SkyNRG will accelerate our strong ambitions to supply the Nordic countries with significant quantities of sustainable jet fuel. We want to ensure we can meet the short and long term future demand from customers, airports and authorities.

—Thorbjörn Larsson, Vice President of Statoil Aviation

Statoil Aviation is the leading regional aviation fuel supplier in Northern Europe with presence in more than 80 airports, supplying international airlines, military, general aviation, resellers and card customers.

SkyNRG’s mission is to create sustainable fuels for those transport segments for which sustainable fuel is the best green alternative in the foreseeable future: aviation, marine and heavy trucking. The company is executing this mission short term via co-funded green routes and long term via developing regional supply chains that represent a real sustainable and affordable alternative for fossil fuels. SkyNRG uses multiple technologies that are best suited for that particular region in the world

SkyNRG supplies more than 20 airlines worldwide with sustainable kerosene. Since 2011 the company is expanding into the marine and heavy trucking sustainable diesel segment as well.


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