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Magna to produce carbon fiber composite body panels

Magna Exteriors, an operating unit of Magna International, has been awarded new business to supply painted automotive body panels made from carbon fiber composite material for two 2016 model-year vehicles.

Magna Exteriors has successfully advanced its capabilities to now produce class-A carbon fiber composite body panels at the production rates needed for the automotive industry. Having built on its experience with carbon fiber composites, Magna developed its solution with Zoltek Panex 35 carbon fiber to provide industry-leading value.

This effort followed the successful collaboration between Magna and Zoltek to develop CFS-Z carbon fiber sheet molding compound. Magna now offers global manufacturers a complete range of lightweight composite parts, sub-systems and semi-structural applications for automotive as well as commercial truck and other markets.

With our unique formulations and production expertise, we’ve been able to take our carbon fiber processing and know-how to the next level—that being outer body panels. By continuing to develop vehicle parts and systems with cutting-edge materials, we are able to assist our customers meet fuel-economy and emissions standards for their cars and trucks.

—Tom Pilette, Vice President of Product and Process Development for Magna Exteriors

Magna Exteriors designs, engineers and manufactures bumper fascia systems; exterior trim; modular systems; class A body panels; structural components; and under hood and underbody components for automotive, commercial truck, consumer, and industrial markets.


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