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Cummins announces fuel economy improvements for heavy-duty lineup

Cummins Inc. announced fuel-efficiency improvements, a new engine rating and Connected Diagnostics for its heavy-duty engine customers. Cummins offers optimized ratings for its 15-liter ISX15 engines to provide leading fuel efficiency in a variety of applications. For the most fuel-conscious fleets, the ISX15 is available with ratings of 400 hp to 450 hp, which deliver peak torque at 1000 rpm.

All ratings can be uniquely tailored with electronic features such as Load-Based Speed Control (LBSC), Gear-Down Protection (GDP) and Vehicle Acceleration Management (VAM) to maximize fuel economy and reduce overall operating costs.

Since 2010, Cummins has made numerous improvements to the ISX15 to deliver up to 7% better fuel efficiency; customers moving from a pre-2010 engine could experience up to 10% improvement. Over the past three years, combustion optimization, reduced parasitic loads, enhanced low-end torque to support downspeeding, Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) optimization and the addition of a naturally aspirated air compressor have contributed to the significant gain in fuel economy.

ISX15 SmartTorque2 (ST2) ratings are available with the SmartAdvantage Powertrain, which delivers an additional 3-6% fuel-economy improvement. (Earlier post.) Jointly developed by Cummins and Eaton, the SmartAdvantage Powertrain integrates the Eaton Fuller Advantage Series automated manual transmission and Cummins ST2 ratings to operate the engine in the fuel-economy “sweet spot” and deliver excellent low-end torque and precise shifting, to help every driver perform like the best driver in the fleet.

Cummins also announced the introduction of the new ISX15 560 hp rating, providing customers with the ability to further maximize productivity in their operations. Suited for customers operating with heavy loads or on routes with steep grades, where pulling power and effective engine braking are critical, the ISX15 rating with 560 hp (418 kW) and 1850 lb-ft (2,508 N·m) of peak torque provides excellent prolonged low-end torque, delivering peak power sooner and over a wider rpm range.

Connected Diagnostics is a new application being designed to work seamlessly with leading telematics systems. Cummins Connected Diagnostics will provide customers with expert recommendations for the best action to take when a driver is alerted to an engine system fault. Connected Diagnostics is the first of several telematics-assisted applications that Cummins is developing.

Cummins Connected Diagnostics will be available in limited production later in 2014, with full production release planned for 2015.



Please stop consuming goods the best you could. These polluting trucks are there to transport goods to consumers and factories and stores. By buying less gadjets and imported foods you can reduce air pollution even if they increased a little bit the mpg of these monstrous big trucks.

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