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Recargo-sponsored attempt at record solo 12,000-mile EV journey around US with Model S

30 March 2014

Norman Hajjar, Managing Director of Recargo’s driver research division, PlugInsights, is attempting an 18-day, 12,000-mile, battery-powered journey sponsored by the electric vehicle (EV) software and information services company. Hajjar will be driving a stock Tesla Model S sedan and navigating via Recargo’s PlugShare app for locating EV charging stations.

The “Epic Electric American Road Trip” would mark the longest vehicle trip ever taken using 100% electric power, endeavoring to set a Guinness World Record while emphasizing the possibilities of the nation’s current electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

The 27-state route spans the four corners of the lower 48 states: Washington, Maine, Florida, and California, ending at Recargo’s offices in Venice, California. Along the way, Hajjar will be charging at Tesla’s newly built, proprietary string of cross-country “Supercharger” stations, which can top off the Tesla Model S’s 250-mile+ range battery in under 30 minutes per stop.

The public can follow along with the journey via live updates from the road at, and can pinpoint the vehicle’s location, track its speed and energy usage, and interact with the driver using the @plugshare live Twitter feed and using the hashtag #EpicEVTrip.

We’re attempting this record-breaking journey to illustrate a historic point: With a robust network of fast charging locations, you can drive an electric car wherever you want without using a drop of gasoline. Daily commutes and cross-country trips alike are now made better by driving electric.

—Brian Kariger, CEO of Recargo

We also want to underscore the urgent need for even more public fast chargers. We’ve conducted studies of thousands of EV drivers, and it’s clear they want to be able to fuel with the same quick ‘pit-stop practicality’ that gas car drivers enjoy at service stations. Give them that, and we believe the category will truly blossom.

—Norman Hajjar

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Tesla's extended range Model S-85 and near future Model S120+ and the free quick charger network are the success story of the current decade.

Lower cost e-vehicles made with greatly re-enforced plastic like materials and 3D printers may be one of the success story of he next decade. Will BMW, VW, Japan or China do it first?

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