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Picosun delivering ALD technology to Bosch

31 March 2014

Picosun Oy, the manufacturer of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) equipment, is delivering advanced ALD technology to Bosch’s Corporate Sector Research and Advance Engineering for development of novel ALD processes for new products and applications.

The now-announced collaboration between Picosun and Bosch Corporate Research highlights the role of ALD.

ALD is an advanced thin-film coating method which is used to fabricate ultrathin, highly uniform and conformal material layers for several applications. ALD uses sequential, self-limiting and surface controlled gas phase chemical reactions to achieve control of film growth in the nanometer/sub-nanometer thickness regime. Due to the film formation mechanism—the gases won’t react until in touch with the surface—the film growth proceeds by consecutive atomic layers “up” from the surface. The ALD film is dense, crack-, defect- and pinhole-free and its thickness and structural and chemical quality can be precisely controlled on atomic scale.

Picosun and Bosch already share a history of collaboration. The current delivery of Picosun’s ALD technology to Bosch’s Corporate Sector Research and Advance Engineering only solidifies this further. At the moment, ALD is breaking through throughout the modern industrial field. The implementation of our ALD know-how in one of the world’s most multidisciplinary and diverse industrial giants, along with our other deliveries to several prominent global production customers, truly tells how central method ALD is becoming in today’s manufacturing industries.

—Juhana Kostamo, Managing Director of Picosun

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