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VeDeCoM Institue begins operation; focus on low-carbon connected vehicle systems

Bosch offers copper-free brake pads

In response to legislation requiring the reduction of copper in friction formulations, Bosch has announced the use of its first copper-free ceramic material in the premium-grade QuietCast line of braking products. Bosch provides full coverage for US, Asian and European cars, vans and SUVs; one out of every three vehicles on the road today uses Bosch braking component content, the company said.

The automotive industry’s shift to low-copper content in braking products is a result of legislation passed in the states of California and Washington in 2010 that requires reduction of the use of copper to below 5% (2021 low copper) and 0.5% (2025 no copper). This legislation is based on the grounds that each time a motorist applies the brakes, a bit of copper and other metals get deposited on the road and, when it rains, are washed into nearby streams and rivers, eventually harming aquatic life. Similar legislation has been introduced in Rhode Island, Oregon and New York.

This new material meets our highest performance standards and will be introduced in the first quarter of 2014, well ahead of the 2025 deadline. Many of Bosch’s semi-metallic formulas already meet this 2025 requirement so, with this introduction, Bosch is well on the way to having our entire braking portfolio be compliant with this future regulation.

—Robert Backode, Director of Product Management, Automotive Aftermarket Brake Components

Bosch QuietCast Disc Brake Pads are engineered to match braking performance and efficiency precisely to the needs of different types and sizes of vehicles.



Good news for all vehicle owners and the planet.


Asbestos brake pads were metal-free.  This is a case of one fix producing another problem.


By that logic we'd have been better off with a hole in the floor Fred Flinstone style.

But you are right to say better brakes added to the overpopulation of polluting motorists, and then removal of asbestos increased service persons able to keep those smokers on the road.

We should demand the removal of brakes from all vehicles capable of travelling at greater than walking speed.

Further insist on nuclear as the only viable propulsion source.\

The problems we are in owing to three thousand years of invention since the wheel!


"Further insist on nuclear as the only viable propulsion source."
You're not really being serious, are you?


Increased effectiveness Electrical brakes could replace friction brakes most of the time while capturing wasted energy? AWD e-vehicles are excellent candidates?


I was 'having a lend' at EP's expense.

It was my attempt at sardonic deadpan humour.

Did I overstep the mark?

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